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Fresh Fork Market is a weekly subscription service to fresh and local foods.  You sign up for a subscription, then every week for 22 weeks over the summer we meet you at one of our pick up locations and give you a package of groceries.  This package is a “grab bag” of fresh and local ingredients that meet our exacting quality standards.  Our program includes meat and dairy, as well as high quality local produce.  For those with special diets, we offer vegetarian and vegan options as well.  For one low price, you will receive a weekly subscription basket, offering you the best selections, savings, and convenience.  The season starts at $550 for a small share.  For more details on pricing, visit our Pricing page.

How do I sign up?

Sign up is easy.  Simply click here and you can see the packages that are available.  With a few simple clicks you can add the summer subscription.  Returning customers will have the package added to their accounts.  New customers will need to finish the registration process.

What do you get?

At Fresh Fork Market, we deal in local.  That means that what comes in your bag will vary from week to week, based on what is fresh, ripe and available from our local farm suppliers.  While every week, it is a “grab bag” of goods, we work hard to create a well rounded selection of products that work well together.  You will get a center of the plate item, side dish type items and a selection of produce that pairs nicely with those products.

Our selection is fantastic.  You will likely see some things that you have not worked with before.  But not to worry, we try to help you figure out how to use the items in your bag by posting cooking tips and recipes on our blog and in our newsletter.  Why not just give you the same thing you usually get?  First, that would be no fun.  More importantly, a wide range of fruits and vegetables promotes biodiversity and supports heirloom varieties that are key to a healthy local agricultural economy.

If you want to see exactly what we have put in the bags over the last couple of years, check out our newsletters to see all the excitement from previous seasons.

Where do I pick up?

We offer a pick up schedule that is designed with the customer’s convenience in mind.   We offer pick up over several days of the week at a variety of pick up locations.  When you sign up, you choose a primary location for pick up that is the most convenient for you.  We offer both east side and west side locations, so you are sure to find a stop that is easy to get to on your schedule.  But not to worry, if you need to, you can pick up at any one of our public locations throughout the week.

What about my Vacation?

Summertime is the time most people take a week or two vacation.  Some get even more.  While this makes us jealous, we are happy to help accommodate you.  For every week you take off, you get a credit to use when you get back.  You are allowed up to 4 weeks per season.  The credits are only good for merchandise.  These credits are not available until after your vacation week, and you can spend them online, at the truck or just pick up a second bag.  Read the entire vacation policy by visiting the Vacation Credits page.

What if I change my mind?

We feel so sure that once you try our program you will want to stay, that we give you a guarantee.  Maybe you travel too much, or find out that you hate to cook.  We don’t need to know why, just cancel your subscription and we will issue you a refund of the unused portion of your subscription.

You can even sign up for just part of the season, by calling us at 800-861-8582.  For more details on each package, visit our Pricing page.