Summer is a time of sun, fun, water, outdoors, and for most of our customers, vacations!  We know you need to take time off, so we have a system for taking a vacation without losing out on your share.  You can take up to four (4) vacation weeks without penalty.  If you need more than that… we want your job!  For every week of vacation credits, we give you a chance to double up on your bag or order like-valued products from our website.

Vacation credits are not valued in cash and cannot be applied to your account to pay your subscription balance.

Here are the steps for taking a vacation without penalty.  You must follow them, or we cannot guarantee that we can give you your credits.  If you have any troubles, drop us an email and we can help you work it out.

  1. First, let us know one (1) week in advance, by Saturday afternoon before your vacation.  Please do so by registering your vacation online from your account or telling your greeter at the back of the truck.  If you do not notify us at least one week in advance, then we cannot give you credits for vacation.
  2. Your credits will be available when your vacation week(s) ends, and you can use them to double-up on your bag (get two share bags one week) or buy extra goods. You can do your extra shopping online (at checkout, select “use credits” to pay) or at the back of the truck. If you go over your available credits while shopping, the balance must be paid for your order to be filled. *Remember, if you place a special order online, you must come to your primary pick up location to pick it up.
  3. You credits will be equal to the value of one bag.  If you are a large subscriber, this means each vacation week is valued at $40 (at full value).  All other subscribers receive credits of $25 (at full value) for each week of vacation.
  4. When you return, use your credits within four (4) weeks for full credit.  After four weeks, your credits will only be worth 50% of their value.  We must enforce this policy so that we can maintain our books and ensure the highest quality of ingredients from the beginning of the season to the end.
  5. There are some restriction on how you can spend your vacation credits: most importantly, vacation credits are only good towards to purchase of goods going forward. They cannot be applied towards an existing balance or membership fee. They also cannot be applied toward Thanksgiving or other holiday or seasonal specials.
  6. If you are planning a vacation for the last week of the season, please let us know as soon as possible, so we can make your credits available earlier. You must use your credits by the final week, as they will expire at the end of the season.