Summer is a time of sun, fun, water, outdoors, and for most of our customers, vacations.  We know you need to take time off, so we have a system for taking a vacation without losing out on the good foods that want from Fresh Fork Market.  You can take up to four (4)   vacation weeks without penalty.  If you need more than that… we want your job!  For every week of vacation credits, we give you a chance to double up on your bag or order like valued products from our website.

Vacation credits are not valued in cash and cannot be applied to your account to pay your subscription balance.

Here are the steps for taking a vacation without penalty.  You must follow them, or we cannot guarantee that we can give you your credits.  If you have any troubles, drop us an email and we can help you work it out.

  1. Notify us 1 week in advance.  This means by Saturday afternoon.  Please do so by registering your vacation online inside your account or telling our greeter at the back of the truck.  If you do not notify us at least one week in advance, then we cannot give you credits for vacation.  your vacation credits become available after your vacation week ends.
  2. When you return, use your credits within four (4) weeks for full credit.  After four weeks, your credits will only be worth 50% of their value.  We must enforce this policy so that we can maintain our books and ensure the highest quality of ingredients from the beginning of the season to the end.  Vacation credits cannot be applied toward Thanksgiving or other holiday or seasonal specials.  If you are planning a vacation for the final week of the season, you must use your credits before the final week.
  3. You can order either double-up bags or shop a la carte.    Either option can be exercised online.  You can use your credits any week after you are gone.  Simply “purchase” a double up or the appropriate amount of a la carte items (see below) and checkout.  When you checkout, select use credits to pay.  You must come to your primary pick up location to get your add on items or call us to arrange pickup at a different location.
  4. Shop a la carte from the back of the truck.  You can use your vacation credits to shop from items we have available on the back of the truck at pick up.  This option is the most convenient for many customers, but what we have available is rarely the same from week to week.
  5. You credits will be equal to the value of one bag.  If you are a large subscriber, this means each vacation week is valued at $40 (at full value).  All other subscribers receive credits of $25 (at full value) for each week of vacation.
  6. If you shop a la carte, and go over your available credits, the balance must be paid for your order to be filled.  If you buy at the truck, and go over your credits, you balance can be paid with cash, check, credit card or added to your balance.
  7. Order deadline for the upcoming week is currently Tuesday by midnight for delivery that same week.
  8. Vacation credits expire at the end of the season.  If you are planning a vacation for the final week of the season, you must use your credits before the final week.  Let our staff know if you are planning a vacation for one of the final weeks and we can make your credits available ahead of the final week.



  1. Special orders are for current season subscribers only.  We offer extras as a courtesy to our customers who are already paying for the truck to be there.  You must be subscribed to the current season to order extras.
  2. To place a special order, log into your account and use the SHOP button at the top right hand side of the page.  You can choose from what is available that week.  We do our best to keep inventory current, but sometimes things do not come in as promised.  We will do our best to fill all contents completely.  There may be a substitute in your order, so please double check your orders at pick up.
  3. Special orders must be placed by midnight on Tuesday for delivery that week.  Orders placed after that time will be filled on the next delivery week.
  4. Special orders must be paid for or they will not be filled.  To pay for a special order, you can use vacation credits or a credit card.  If you would like to buy credits with cash or check, let your greeter know and we can accommodate you.
  5.   Your order will be sent to the primary pick up location on file.  To have a special order delivered to a different pick up, you must contact us before Tuesday at midnight.  We HIGHLY discourage this practice.  It can be done in a pinch, but the chance of errors to your order are much higher.  We pack over 200 special orders each week and keep frozen items separate from non frozen.  Picking up at your primary location minimizes the risk of something getting lost.