Stephen Ritz

This is a great talk by a teacher that is growing food in the South Bronx.  Inspiring.  Enjoy.


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  1. Michael Moore

    Mr. Stephen Ritz,
    We are a group of Eastern Kentucky University students currently enrolled in a psychology of personality course this semester. Our class has been broken into small groups and our assignment involved the task of identifying someone we found to be inspiring in their own way through their own methods (but not someone famous or made of money such as Oprah). Our group has chosen to present your inspirational actions and achievements and all that you have done for your community and your students. In a time/situation with the education system lacking its former influence, you have found a way to use your position to influence your students outside of class as well as inside. Current issues of malnutrition, poverty, and obesity are very important today and you did a great job using your power to help and influence these problems. The passion, dedication, and willingness to strive to fulfill your goals is truly inspirational. Your strong beliefs have led to opportunities presenting themselves and everyone around you, community and students alike, have benefited as a result. Thank you. You have singlehandedly shown the potential, the capabilities, and the influence and difference that one individual can make in today’s world. If there is any additional information about your life, your students, your organization, and your overall inspirational journey towards success, or if you have any advice please return contact. Our class as a whole would be very appreciative and grateful, especially our individual group who has spent a great deal of time discovering your inspirational life and deeds.

    Kate, Michael & Cody

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