Tribe Night with Fresh Fork Market

Nothing says summer like a good, old fashioned baseball game! Join us on May 20, as we cheer the Tribe to victory over the Detroit Tigers!

Buy your tickets, then join us for Happy Hour at Pura Vida to pick them up. Tickets are only $14 and are on the 100 level. We will be at Pura Vida by 5pm. Here you can buy yourself a cocktail or enjoy one of their specials made just for you. We will wander over to Progressive Field at about 7 pm for the big game.

See you then!

tribe happy hour

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1 Response to "Tribe Night with Fresh Fork Market"

  1. Thanks so much for hosting the Pure Vida happy hour and Indians game last night! My husband and I and our friends really enjoyed the evening, with the exception of the service at Pure Vida. It seemed like they were not prepared for the amount of people that were expected to come and were short-staffed. No one approached us when we sat down and after 25-30 minutes without drinks or having our orders taken we flagged down someone and asked if we could order. She was very short with us and seemed annoyed that we were asking to be helped. Then it took close to an hour for the food to actually come out and we ended up being late to the game. The food itself was great but the experience service-wise was less than desireable. Just wanted to let someone know in case you plan to host an event there again. The table next to us ordered well before us and never even received their food. They had small children with them and ended up getting up to walk out after having not eaten. It just seems like they should have been more prepared given that people purchased tickets ahead of time and they should have had an idea of how many people would be coming to the happy hour.

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