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Thanksgiving 2014 Update

Thanksgiving is only 8 days away!  All of our staff is working hard to make sure your orders are accurate and all the farmers are working hard (against the weather) to make sure the turkeys finish great and that the produce is ready for next week. Over the past couple week's I've been visiting with some of the farmers to check in on things, particularly the turkeys and pie production. We are not yet sold out on turkeys but are about out

Week 3 Summer 2014


Farm Fair 2013


4 Exciting Courses, Kids Games and Activities, All FREE

Please join us this April for a 1-day crash course on how to plant your own garden.  Each course will be taught by real farmers, both English and Amish.  These producers will cover topics in four courses: Soils - understanding your soil, how to improve it, and what will grow in it Seeds - selecting the right seeds for your garden, when and how

New Products from Canal Junction

by Robert So, last Friday, Trevor and I went on a road trip.  He picked me up at 5:30 and off we headed to Defiance, Ohio.  The object of the trip was to visit a new cheese maker that has been making quite a name for himself these last couple of years.  Trevor had tasted some Charloe and if you were on the farm tour a couple of years ago, there was some Flat Rock cheese that was being sampled at Abby's.  We

Healthy Harvest Notes

This is another letter from one of our farmers in Middlefield-the Healthy Harvester.  You may have met him at the Customer Appreciation BBQ last year. I did a very poor job of writing anything last year, quite poor indeed.  Seems it always got pushed off until some "not so busy" rainy day in the indefinite future.  Never happens.  At least not to fit my work schedule.  And finally this winter I get down to it, but I never get far.  What
The annual Farm Tour is less than a week away.  We have about a dozen seats left so please RSVP soon.   For those who haven't been on a Fresh Fork Market farm tour, each year I throw an all inclusive farm tour focused on agricultural education.  We'll visit different producers, each with their own twist.  The tour is meant to be educational as well as fun, including a few u-pick opportunities, excellent more