Fresh Fork Market, has commissioned Gina Desantis of Lakewood to create 200 handmade, “French butter crocks.”A French butter crock is a ceramic dish with a lid.  In the lid there is an inverted, conical shaped opening in which butter is packed.  The dish is filled about a quarter full with water and the cone/bell is packed with butter.  The butter may then be kept at room temperature without spoiling for up to a month, depending on how warm the house and relative humidity.  The butter is kept in place by the surface tension of the water.  The water keeps air from getting to the butter, keeping it fresh and tasty.

Trevor swears by these, and has one of his own.  There is no where local to buy one, so we commissioned them from Gina.  He states that “we have exceptional butter made locally, but there is nothing more frustrating than pulling it out of the refrigerator and not being able to spread it.”


Gina Desantis will create 200 exclusive pieces for Fresh Fork Market to resell.  The butter crocks will be in three colors – a bright, lime green; a subtle, spring green; and white with black spots, similar to a Holstein cow.   These will be available again for the summer 2013 season along with a series of new ceramics made exclusively for Fresh Fork Market!

To see more of Gina’s work, visit Gina Desantis’ website:


 Cost is $25 each.