Robert Stockham

Marketing & Communications Manager

photo courtesy of Laura Blake

Robert Stockham joined Fresh Fork Market in the spring of 2011, but his love affair with food began much earlier.  He received his first cookbook at the tender age of 7 and has been cooking ever since.  This lead him to a career that encompasses many aspects of the food industry.  Working in restaurants, Robert learned many aspects of the hospitality industry from prep cook to service manager. Robert’s biggest successes came in the retail sector.  As a manager of Coffee People in Oregon, he was able to explore the ins and outs of the coffee industry in a highly competitive market.  Working for a natural food store chain, he mastered the technical aspects of management.  This company, Nature’s Fresh Northwest, was also the source for a hands on education in the food distribution chain.  Dealing with the small chain of stores, Robert delved in to learn all he could about local and national wines, imported specialty meats, organic produce, gourmet grocery, artisan cheeses, herbs, and even locally farmed and line caught fishing-everything was an opportunity for growth. Since moving to Cleveland, he has been heavily involved in the sustainability movement.  He has close ties to the local USGBC chapter, and sits on the board of several local sustainability non-profits.  As Marketing & Communications Manager of Fresh Fork Market, Robert is committed to increasing the exposure of local foods and its importance to the local economy.    

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