Trevor Clatterbuck


trevor13In the summer of 2008, Trevor Clatterbuck embarked on an adventure of unimaginable twists and turns.  To the rest of us, this adventure is known as entrepreneurship.  Trevor, a Case Western Class of 08 political science and business management major from Wheeling, WV, recognized that the existing food distribution industry was not capable of sourcing from small, family farms.  Over the last three years, his company, Fresh Fork Market, has tackled this problem and seen exceptional results – over 100 participating farmers, over 1,000 customers, and more than 100 percent growth each year.


Trevor’s success didn’t start with Fresh Fork.  He’s a dual degree recipient from Case Western Reserve University and graduated Summa Cum   Laude.  In 2009, he was recognized by Crains Cleveland as one of the 20 in their 20s recipients and by Food Network Magazine as one of the 30 under 30 “Up and Coming Food Stars.” He has served as a member of the board of directors for OEFFA (Ohio’s organic certification board), on the governor’s food policy council, and as a subject matter expert in interviews for the Plain Dealer, Food Network Magazine, and Scene Magazine. 304-281-3325


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