Our Winter Farm Share

The Fresh Fork Market Winter Farm Share provides our members with local, sustainably-grown foods all winter long. Similar to our Summer Share, the Winter Bags arrive in refrigerated trucks all over town and are filled with meats, vegetables, ciders, fruits and much more. There are a few key differences between the Winter Share and the Summer Share, though, so please read below for the details.

2016/17 TIMING

  • The Winter Farm Share is 15 weeks long, and runs from Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016 to Saturday, May 6th, 2017.
  • Pick ups are every week for the first three weeks, and then every other week to skip the holiday weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • Thanksgiving Deliveries happen during the week of Thanksgiving, which is an off-week for the Winter Share.


  • One size omnivore bag. We do have a limited number of vegetarian shares available, but not many because of the difficulty of finding substantial vegetarian options during the coldest part of the winter in NE Ohio.
  • This bag is larger than our Summer Small Share Bag, and a typical week might look like this:
    • 1 Pork Shoulder Roast, Approx 3#, 1 pint Pope’s BBQ Sauce, 1 pint Frozen Sweet Corn, 1 pint Frozen Blackberries, 1 pint Frozen Strawberries, 1 Candy Onion, 1 quarter peck Gala Apples, 1 doz. Eggs, 3 # Kennebec Potatoes, 1 pint Fresh Tomato Salsa, 1 bag Corn Chips


  • The full season starts at $675. This works out to about $45/bag, but with every other week delivery, it’s an average cost of $22.50 per week.
  • In the winter, we only have two payment options: Full Upfront or Half and Half ($357.50 due in October, and $357.50 in mid January)
  • We also have a Full-Access plan in Winter– for an additional $25/share week, you’ll receive $30/ share week of credit to purchasing extras.
  • The one-time $25 member fee (or any remaining balance from the previous season’s share) must be paid before/when you register for your new subscription.
  • Please check out our Pricing Page for more information.


  • We have fewer pick-up locations in the Winter, but we still have more than a dozen stops all over town. Check out our Winter Pick Up Locations page to find the one closest to you.


  • Each customer can have up to 4 weeks vacation from the program. Click here to read more.


  • Let us know when you sign up that you need to avoid certain foods, and we’ll accommodate your needs as best we can by offering a substitution at the truck.
  • You’ll also get an email each week with what will be in the share, so be sure to check it out online and touch base with your greeter when you pick up.


  • For whatever reason, at whatever time, if our subscription doesn’t work for you, we’ll refund the remainder of your subscription– all we need is one week’s notice.


We do have limited spaces for our winter share, so sign up soon to reserve your spot. This helps all of us, especially our farmers, plan for their season.


  • Registration for the Winter Share 2016/17 will be open at the end of summer.
  • Your membership fee ($25) or payment of any outstanding balance from a previous season is all that’s needed to hold your spot until your first payment is due mid-October.


  • Like to talk to somebody before you take the plunge? Call 800-861-8582 or shoot us an email: info@freshforkmarket.com

Sign Up For Winter

pig clip art$675 for the Season, Omnivore and Vegetarian Options Available

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Example Winter Share Bags

Winter 2015, Week 15: Eggs – 1 dz, Ramps – 1 bunch, Lettuce – 1 sleeve, Grape Cider – 1 qt, Ramp Linguine – 1#, Tomato Sauce, Chicken Patties – 1#, Beer Brats– 1#, Apples– quarter peck

Winter 2015, Week 12: Pork Shoulder Roast, Sauerkraut, Eggs – 1 dz, Apple Cider, Frozen Chopped tomatoes– 1 qt, Frozen Green or Yellow Beans 1 qt, Frozen Sweet Corn – 1 qt, Italian Sausage Bulk – 1lb, Leaf Lettuce,  Whole Wheat Linguine – 1lb

Winter 2015, Week 11: Apples – quarter peck, Frozen Chopped tomatoes– 1 qt, Whole Chicken – 1, Frozen Sweet Corn – 1 qt, Eggs – 1 dz, Carrots – 2#, Frozen Snow Peas – 1 qt, Black Beans – 1#, Corn Crackers – 1 bag, Frozen Green Beans 1 qt

Winter 2015, Week 8: 1 half-gallon apple cider, 3# yukon gold potatoes, 1# vermont cranberry beans, 1 quart frozen chopped tomatoes, 3# turnips or rutabagas (or a mix), 2# carrots, 1 quart frozen green beans, 1 pint frozen blueberries, 1 dozen eggs, Pork Neck Bones or Smoked Ham Hock, 2 Crosscut Shanks & 1 lb ground beef or 1 Strip Steak (12oz) & 1 Filet Medallion, or Beef Roast, appx 3#

For more past winter share examples, visit our newsletter archives.