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Beet Chips

These "Cheeps" (aka Beet Chips) are an excellent alternative snack option to crackers or regular potato chips. Use extra kohlrabi if you have some in your fridge, and sprinkle with your favorite spices if rosemary isn't your thing-- cinnamon, smoked paprika, cayenne for a heat kick. * See the notes below about double-baking if your crisps need to be crispier.

 4-6 beets, greens removed and saved for another purpose, and scrubbed
 1 head kohlrabi (optional)
 sunflower oil
 salt and pepper
 dried rosemary

Turn your oven to 350 and line cookie sheets with parchment paper. Using a Mandolin or a sharp veggie peeler, very carefully shave the beets and the kohlrabi. If using a mandolin, use a hand guard or a glove.


Toss them all in a bowl with a little bit of olive oil, salt and pepper.


Lay out on the lined cookie sheets in a single layer. They will shrink in the oven, so they can be touching but not too crowded.


Roast for 15 minutes and flip, and then again for 15 minutes. If you're baking multiple sheets, rotate the sheets in the oven from top to bottom. Check often to make sure they aren't burning. After 30 minutes, cool and store.


*If they're a little limp (mine were, in my hot humid Summer kitchen!) re-crisp before serving: dehydrate for 1.5 hours in a 160-180 degree oven before serving. You want them to be tight and shriveled, but not brown and burnt.