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Broccoli and Cabbage Slaw

 1.5-2 cups peeled and shredded broccoli stems (save florets for another use-- or just steam/blanch them and add in)
 1.5 cups shredded cabbage (green or red)
 1/2-1 cup shredded kale
 1/2 cup peeled and shredded carrots
 1/3-1/2 cup sliced red onion (soak in water first to remove some of the bite)
 2 tsp Kosher salt
 3 tbsp rice vinegar
 2 tbsp Mirin or honey
 1/4 cup oil (olive, sunflower, walnut or other mild tasting salad dressing oil)
 2 tbsp sesame oil (optional-- but imbues a great flavor if you have it)
 1 tablespoon sesame or sunflower seeds
 1/2 cup chopped cilantro or parsley leaves
Mix all the peeled and chopped veggies in a a huge mixing bowl.

Broccoli: slice off all the broccoli florets first, and either reserve them for another recipe or give them a quick blanch: toss in boiling salted water for 3-4 minutes and then ice water for 3-4 minutes. Add them in before dressing. Slice off a circle of the bottom of the stalk and discard. Peel off the thick, light green skin on the stalk, and then use a julienne peeler, a box grater or the grating blade on your food processor to turn into shreds. Taste one-- they're sweet, almost like apples!


Cabbage: Slice in half, through the core, and then in half again through the core to have 4 identical wedges. Cut out the thick white core and discard it. You'll only need to shred ~ one wedge, so save the rest for another use.


Kale: Slice out and discard the center, tough rib by stacking the leaves and cutting it out in an upside down V. Roll the leaves up to form a long cylinder. Slice thinly.


Carrots: Scrub and peel the carrots first (you'll need about 2.)


Onion: Cut in half through the stem end. Set the flat side on the the cutting board and slice into thin semi-circles. If you want to take out some of the bite, soak in cold water for 5-10 minutes.

Mix the Dressing:

Mix all the ingredients into a bowl except for the oil(s). Slowly drizzle in the oil, whisking, to pull it together. Alternatively, add all the ingredients to a mason jar with a lid and shake, shake, shake!

Dress the salad and allow it to marinate in the fridge for at least a few hours.
Top with the garnishes right before serving.