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Canned Peaches

Here is the recipe that was used at the first Canning Club Meet-Up of 2015-- it's a slightly sweetened version, but you can up or down the sugar as you prefer. Use slightly firm and ripe peaches for best results!

 A bunch of firm but ripe peaches
 ~ 7 Quart Canning Jars
 1 cup honey (can add more if needed)
 9 cups water (brought to a boil and kept hot)
 Ice water bath
Blanch Peaches

Wash the peaches and rub off the fuzz. Using a small, sharp knife, mark an X on bottom of each one, and put into boiling pot of water for 2 minutes.


Remove peaches from boiling water with a slotted spoon and shock peaches in ice cold water bath. Once cool, rub off skins and discard.

Peach Prep.

Remove pits from each peach, and then slice to desired size (halve, quarter or more depending on size.)

Filling Jars

Mix the honey and the 9 cups of water together and keep hot.


Fill sterilized jars with peaches (if using full peach halves, face them pitted side down.)


Fill jar with honey-water solution (leave ½ headspace to top of jar.) Gently tap jar on counter to remove air bubbles. Clean rim of jar if needed, on both the top and sides.


Put lid on jars, and rotate ring ¾ turn.
Finish in a hot water bath (25 minutes for pint jars or 30 minutes quart jars.)