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Ramp Pesto

 1 bunch (appx 10-14) ramps, cleaned
 1 tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice
  cup toasted walnuts (or almonds, hazelnuts, or pine nuts would also work)
 0.50 cup finely grated hard salty cheese (such as parmesan or Flat Rock, asiago, or Hull's Trace)
 0.50 cup fresh spinach or parsley
 0.50 tsp salt
 0.50 cup sunflower or extra virgin olive oil (or a combo)

Quickly blanch the leaves of the ramps in boiling water until they turn a bright green and then pass under cold water to stop the cooking. Roughly chop. If not already done, toast the nuts in a dry pan for a few minutes, being careful not to burn.


Add the chopped ramps, lemon juice, nuts, cheese, spinach/parsley and salt into the base of a food processor.


Pulse until it forms a rough paste. Turn to low and slowly trickle in the oil while the machine is still on, blending all of them together and stopping occasionally to push down the sides.


Taste and adjust seasoning (add more salt, or more lemon juice if it's too salty already.) Freezes well, or store in your fridge tightly sealed for a week or more and serve on pasta, sandwiches, or mixed with yogurt for a veggie dip.