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Ramped Up Pasta

 1 cup Ramp Pesto
 1 lb Fresh pasta
 0.50 bunch ramps, cleaned and leaves blanched
 0.50 lb sausage links or brats, grilled and sliced (optional) Vegetarian subs-- mushrooms or poached eggs would work really well here, or a salty, crumbly cheese

First, start your sausages. Bring a deep skillet with a few inches of water to a 160-190 degrees. Plunk in your sausages, either bare or in a vacuum-sealed plastic bag, for 20-25 minutes until the internal temperature of the links is between 150-160 degrees.


While the sausages are poaching, bring your salted pasta water to a boil. The last few steps happen all at once, so it's a good ideal to have it all ready to go.


When the sausages are poached, sear them in a very hot skillet or grill, and set them aside to set. Quickly blanch your ramp leaves by dunking in the green parts into the boiling pasta water, and then run underneath cool water. To bring out their sweetness, pop them on the grill pan or hot skillet for a minute or two per side. Roughly chop.


Cook your pasta according to the directions (if using Fresh Ohio City Pasta, this is only about 2 minutes.) Reserve a quarter cup of the water before you drain the noodles, and then return them to the pot.


Turn the heat to low, and stir in the pesto and some of the pasta water, and the grilled ramps. Stir for a minute or so, and then remove from heat. Serve with the sausages if using, and a lovely glass of white wine.