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Smokey Queso Dip

 1 whole piece FFM smoked cheddar, grated (about 2.5 cups)
 8 oz cream cheese
 1 pint frozen chopped tomatoes, thawed and drained
 2 tbsp minced candied jalapeños
 1-2 tbsp hot pepper butter or favorite hot sauce (this one is delicious, kind of like the one served at Aladdin's Eatery)
 1 pint frozen sweet corn, thawed and drained (optional)

In a food processor fitted with the grating blade, grate all of the smoked cheddar.


Finely chop the candied jalapeños (raw jalapeños work well too, just much spicier!)


In a small sauce pot, melt the cream cheese over medium low heat, stirring occasionally so it doesn't burn. When you can stir it easily, add in the rest of the ingredients: grated cheese, drained tomatoes, jalapeños, the hot pepper butter or sauce, and the sweet corn if using.


Stir over medium heat until very hot, but make sure not to burn the bottom. If it's too thick, add some milk to thin it. Serve warm with sturdy tortilla chips


Can also be done in a slow cooker-- add in all ingredients and cook over low heat for a few hours till you reach the perfect chip dip consistency.