Summer Carnivore Share

The inspiration behind the Carnivore Bag design was traditional farming – small family farms, selling some product to market and the rest for the subsistence of their family. For centuries, farmers have harvested their hogs and cattle in the fall, cutting the meat when the weather is cold, eating the center cuts first, canning cubed and ground meat, and curing and smoking whole muscles to provide meat for remainder of the year.  Because they worked so hard for it, nothing was wasted.  Even the fat was turned into lamp oil, candles, soaps and lotions. The modern adaptation of this is “freezer beef” and “freezer pork,” in which a consumer contracts with a farmer to buy an entire animal or a side of an animal, pays for it all at once, and stores it in his or her freezer for the year. This takes a lot of money upfront and freezer space. So our concept is simple.  Subscribers will get a meat-only option that essentially lets them split a hog, a steer, and a variety of other barnyard animals with their neighbors, just as old-time farmers would.  The product will be delivered on an every-other-week basis – East side one week, West side the next.

What do you get?

  • Each subscriber will receive:
  • 1/8 of a steer, approx. 40#
  • ¼ of a hog, approx. 40#
  • The equivalent of 7 chickens, approx. 25#
  • 1 duck, approx. 6#
  • A Pantry Item each week – stock/bone broth, cooking fat, milk, eggs, etc.

Why is it a good value?

Anyone who has bought freezer beef or pork before knows the benefits and the challenges. The benefits are clear: everything, including ribeye steaks, is the same price. In this case, the price per lb of the steer is $4.00 per lb, including kill, cut and package. That means steaks are $4 per lb, but so are bones, ground meat, and wasted trim. The challenge usually of buying freezer beef or pork is figuring out what to do with it. Common challenges include bones and trim. That’s why we are providing chef-crafted stocks for soup, sauces, and braising. We are also preparing custom-sausages and even rendering fat.

What will you get week to week?

Each bag will include 5 items per week: 1 beef item, 2 pork items, 1 poultry item, and 1 bonus item, such as stock, lard, eggs, or even milk. Some weeks are more valuable than others, such as when you get 2 ribeye steaks. Because it is logistically impossible to give all customers steaks or roasts at the same time (due to the total quantity of animals needed per item), customers will be divided into groups and each group will receive a different set of bag contents each week. This means your friend who picks up at the same location as you may receive different items on a given week, but don't worry, by the end of the season, everyone will have received the same number of items in total. Keep scrolling to see the full list of items you'll get throughout the full season.

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Dates and Pickup Locations  The Summer Carnivore Share will be an every-other-week pickup, June 5 thru Nov 2.  There will be a total of 11 pickups per subscriber.   Subscribers will be divided into 5 groups, randomly assigned.  Each group will get different products each week; however, all groups will get the same sum of products across the season.   Each week, a special carnivore route will run on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. West Side pickup locations will correspond to Fresh Fork Summer Weeks 1, 3, 5, etc (odd numbers). East Side pickup locations will correspond to Fresh Fork Summer Weeks 2, 4, 6, etc (even numbers). Carnivore bags will only be available at these routes.If you have a conflict, you must email to reroute your corresponding bag to a different carnivore location. No vacation credits will be issued for missed weeks.

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  • Upfront: $675, which works out to $30.68 per share bag.
  • Divided Payment Plan: $357.50, first installment due now, $357.50 due August 21st. ($715 total.)
  • Full Access is also available: $1225 Upfront, or two payments of $632.50($1265 total.)

No Substitutions.

  • Due to the way we need to organize this bag ahead of time, we cannot offer substitutions. There will be pork in each bag.

Vacations work differently.

  • Because we are offering 8 pickup locations across two weeks, we are requesting that any missed pickups be arranged for pickup at another carnivore location or our warehouse. There will be no vacation credits assigned for missed weeks like the Fresh Fork Omnivore, Vegetarian, and Vegan shares.

Consistent Pick Up Location.

  • You need to pick up your share at your Primary Pick Up Location. If you must pick up at a different location, please call or email us by Tuesday at midnight of the share week so we can re-route your share.

No Bag Switching.

  • Carnivores can only get the Carnivore bag.

No Refunds.

  • By signing up for this share, you are committing to being a member for the entire length of the season. All Carnivore Share subscriptions are non-refundable. Again, think of this as a custom cut hog and beef spread out over the summer.