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When you subscribe for a share with Fresh Fork, you become an official member of the team: A Fresh Forker. And as with any good group worthy of such awesome members, we have some guidelines for what to expect, reminders about all the logistics, and insider info on all the benefit available to you as a member. Click below to learn more about all details:


Great local food shouldn't break the bank. Click here to learn more about all our pricing options.

Summer Pick Up Locations

The Summer time is high season for Fresh Fork Market, and we have more than two-dozen locations all over town for you to grab the goods. Click here to see the routes.

Winter Pick Up Locations

Just 'cause it's snowing outside doesn't mean we stop! Click here to check out where you can grab a bag all Winter long.

Special Orders

Have a hankering for something special this week? If you want to guarantee your à la carte purchases (extra pasture raised meats, grass-grazed milk products, cheeses, grains/flours, canned goods, baked goods & more! Special orders must be placed by Tuesday at 11:59pm to be received "this week". Orders will be delivered to your primary pickup location (sorry, no transfers for missed pickups). Click here to learn about placing a Special Order.

I missed my pick-up!

While we ask you to specify a "primary" pickup location, you are also allowed the flexibility to pickup at any of our 20+ pickup locations on one-off occasion(s) as needed throughout the season. We understand life happens - meeting ran late, stuck in traffic, the kids had a soccer game, or you just forgot. Just check out the schedule for the other locations (Summer / Winter), find one that best fits your schedule and head to that spot! You don't have to let us know and when you arrive just tell the greeter your name like you would at your regular location. If you placed a special order, we are unfortunately unable to transfer orders between locations. We are unable to issue refunds if you completely miss picking up your share.


Go on-- get outta here. Seriously-- take up to 4 weeks off per share and get your credit back to go shopping for more good food. Vacations can be submitted in your account and as long they're entered by the Saturday prior to vacation week you will receive a store credit upon your return. Click here to read more!


You've got questions? We've got answers. Click here to read the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we hear.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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