Winter Farm Share

2023-24 Season: NOV 1 - MAy 4

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The Winter Farm Share provides our members with local, sustainably-grown foods all winter long (runs November through May, 15 deliveries). The Winter Share is filled with fresh, local produce and fruits as long as possible -- think lettuce, carrots, apples  -- root/storage crops like potatoes (all varieties), squashes, cabbage, rutabaga, turnips and more, and hydroponic leafy, greens even in the dead of winter when the outdoor world is a bit to chilly for some field crops. Accompanying these fresh products are a variety of frozen products that were harvested, washed and prepped for winter storage in the heat of summer -- frozen green beans, frozen tomatoes, frozen corn. Canned goods - tomato sauce, salsa, ciders - are also a staple in the winter share -- not only are they made locally, but the ingredients are sourced locally + no preservatives. We'll also include a variety of locally grown grains, beans, dairy product and eggs throughout the season. By early April, the first of the spring produce starts to arrive and we'll close out the season with some favorites like asparagus, ramps and rhubarb.

The Winter Farm Share include 15 share, spanning from November through May. There will be 3 weeks in a row for pick-up, special Thanksgiving week orders (more details HERE) and then the schedule moves to every other week.  For a full list of dates, visit this page (and, maybe even save the dates to your calendar!)


Omnivore & Vegetarian options available (one-size share in the winter season)

  • The Omnivore share will include 1 - 2 pasture raised meat items per bag, accompanied by complimentary produce/fruit/pantry items.
    • We are unable to make substitutions for meat products in the Omnivore. If you do not eat all meat types, please select the veggie bag. You can purchase extra meats a la carte once you have a current subscription.
  • The Vegetarian bag will include a variety of produce/fruit/pantry items. The vegetarian share is the same price and size as the Omnivore, there will just be additional non-meat items of the same value as the meat item featured for the week.

The Carnivore share plans are still in the work. Check back for more details soon. To see what previous carnivore shares have looked like, click HERE

There is just one share size only in Winter, available as either an Omnivore or Vegetarian Share.  To see what previous seasons have looked like, click here.

Winter Shares will include a variety of produce (fresh & frozen from the summer months), prepared items, eggs, dairy & gluten.

Featured items include a variety of the following: apples, pears, cauliflower, carrots, potatoes, winter squashes, Brussels sprouts, onions, radishes, lettuce (field grown while we can + greenhouse grown), greenhouse greens (kale + spinach), mushrooms, frozen summer produce (green beans, corn, etc.), canned goods (salsas, sauces, spreads), cheese, eggs, maple syrup, yogurt, baked/prepared items, dried beans + pasta, organic flours + grains.

Substitutes - we can accommodate substitutes for gluten and dairy free items. They're not in every share, however they will make an appearance various times throughout the season. Substitutes to be determined based on product availability.


Omnivore & Vegetarian + Carnivore Share Pricing

  • Full Upfront = $772.50 for the season ($750 check discount price if paid in full before October 29)
  • Weekly Payments = 15 payments of $53.56 ($803.40 season total)

All subscriptions require a credit card on file. You are not required to pay with your card on file. We still accept check/cash. Your card will only be charged if/when you accrue an overdue balance. Weekly payments automatically process on the Sunday prior to pick-up.

*Prices listed above reflect credit card price. There is a 3% discount for checks.

Example Winter Share Bags


Week 15: Eggs – 1 dz, Ramps – 1 bunch, Lettuce – 1 sleeve, Grape Cider – 1 qt, Ramp Linguine – 1#, Tomato Sauce, Chicken Patties – 1#, Beer Brats– 1#, Apples– quarter peck

What's in the Bag?

An expansive list of share contents by week and season can be viewed HERE.

Winter Week #7 - Omnivore
Winter Week #7 - Vegetarian

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Season starts at $750pig clip art


13 locations to choose from -- East-side, West-side and South-ish locations Wednesday through Saturday.  Full list of locations can be found here --> Winter Stops. Select a primary location when you register. We understand life happens and you do have the flexibility to visit another location on a one-off occasion if needed. Check out the "I Missed My Pick-Up" section in our FAQs for more detail.



By committing to the whole 15-week season, we're able to adjust bag contents based on product availability on the fly. We value each bag and look at the total cost of the season as a whole when factoring in costs. That means that some week's may be slightly larger/smaller than others, so we have the flexibility to add/remove a few items as the farmers have product available. We're at the mercy of nature sometimes, so that's why we look at the cost for the whole season vs. individual weeks.


Each customer can have up to 4 weeks vacation from the program. Click here to learn more. Vacations must be submitted in our system by 11:59pm the Saturday BEFORE your vacation week. You can submit the vacation in your account, or just let the greeter at your pickup location know at least one week before your vacation and we can enter it into the system for you. Credits will become available after you return from your vacation (cannot be used towards subscription payments, previous purchases, Thanksgiving/holiday orders and expire at the end of the season). Don't sit on the credits for too long. If left untouched for 4 calendar weeks after returning, credits lose 50% value. Once you spend at least $1 within 4 weeks, credits remain at full value until you spend them in full.


The Winter Share is available as Omnivore or Vegetarian only. There will be times throughout the season when prepared items may contain gluten and/or dairy. Please let the greeter know at check in that you need a gluten or dairy free substitute and we will have an item of comparable value available to exchange.


If you find the share is not working for you, we accept cancellations through December 31. Beginning January 1, cancellations/refunds are not available. Please contact our office if you find yourself in need of cancelling -- we just need one week's notice to process the request.


Week 12: Pork Shoulder Roast, Sauerkraut, Eggs – 1 dz, Apple Cider, Frozen Chopped tomatoes– 1 qt, Frozen Green or Yellow Beans 1 qt, Frozen Sweet Corn – 1 qt, Italian Sausage Bulk – 1lb, Leaf Lettuce,  Whole Wheat Linguine – 1lb


Week 11: Apples – quarter peck, Frozen Chopped tomatoes– 1 qt, Whole Chicken – 1, Frozen Sweet Corn – 1 qt, Eggs – 1 dz, Carrots – 2#, Frozen Snow Peas – 1 qt, Black Beans – 1#, Corn Crackers – 1 bag, Frozen Green Beans 1 qt


Week 8: 1 half-gallon apple cider, 3# yukon gold potatoes, 1# vermont cranberry beans, 1 quart frozen chopped tomatoes, 3# turnips or rutabagas (or a mix), 2# carrots, 1 quart frozen green beans, 1 pint frozen blueberries, 1 dozen eggs, Pork Neck Bones or Smoked Ham Hock, 2 Crosscut Shanks & 1 lb ground beef or 1 Strip Steak (12oz) & 1 Filet Medallion, or Beef Roast, appx 3#

For more past winter share examples, visit our newsletter archives.


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  1. […] Well, I just picked up my last bag for our first summer share yesterday! We have one more week to go, but Mike will pick it up since I’ll be out of town. I’m sad that is has come to an end because every Friday it was like Christmas! Even though I knew what was going to be in the bag (mostly), it was still a bit of a surprise – many times because I getting an item that I had never eaten or cooked with. Also, with the summer share coming to an end it also means that we are into fall and you know what comes next!!! I have to admit, however, that it has gotten increasingly difficult to make plans to use all the item with a busy fall schedule so there is a part of me that is relieved. It is definitely easier to do this during the summer months when work is a little more of a relaxed schedule. I think we will definitely participate again next. Fresh Fork offers a Winter Share, […]

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