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What amount do I owe?

At Fresh Fork, we offer cash/check pricing discounts. When we talk about pricing, we reference the discounted price as the main cost. In the example below for an upfront payment plan, you will see two prices. The first price listed directly next to the "payment" is the check/cash price. Next to it, in parenthesis is the credit card price.

do i have to pay by credit card?

No - we gladly accept check/cash payments. As part of the sign up process, you will be prompted to store a credit card on file. Your card information is securely store with our third party processor, Your card on file will only be charged in the event that you accrue and overdue balance. Each subscription payment and purchase for extra items has a due date. You can pay the balance of by check/cash BEFORE the due date to avoid charges on your credit card.


We accept check payments via mail (7501 Carnegie Ave, Cleveland, OH 44103) and at any scheduled pickup location. Please note that the mail can be quite delayed nowadays and that this extra time should be accounted for when sending payment. You are welcome to stop by one of our Winter Locations to pre-pay for Summer and any Summer Location to pre-pay for Winter. To avoid credit card charges, we must receive payment BEFORE the due date (we are unable to accommodate refunds for delayed mail).

When is payment due?

Each line item in your account is associated with a due date. If you would like to pay by check/cash, our office must receive payment by the date listed in each row. If using auto-pay with your credit card store on file, your card will be charged on the date listed on each line item in red. Your card will be charged the amount listed in parenthesis.


Weekly payment plan auto-bill timeline

For weekly payment plans, payment is due the Sunday of each delivery week. If you would like to receive the discounted price, you'll need to pay at least 1 week in advance to avoid your card from getting charged. Auto-pay will only process if you have an overdue balance. Checks/cash received at pickup are applied to your account on the spot and clear out any balance due immediately.

my card on file was charged but i wanted to pay by check

If you forgot to bring your weekly payment and/or it was delayed in the mail, we are unfortunately unable to refund charges on credit cards that ran before we received your payment. To receive the check/cash price, payments must be received BEFORE the due date (we unfortunately cannot go by "post mark" date).

i bought extras at the truck when i picked up my share & didn't have cash

No worries, this is a great use of the credit card on file and we can add an invoice to your account for the items purchased. By the end of the day, our system will see that you have an overdue balance and your card on file will be charged the amount of the outstanding invoice (amount charged on credit card will be the price listed in parenthesis). Purchases made at the back of the truck will appear as an "Invoice" line item on the main view of your account (below subscription payments).


  • Prices listed reflect a cash/check discount. A 3% service fee applied to all credit/debit card payments.
  • A credit card on file is required for all subscriptions. Please note that your card will only be charged if/when you accrue an overdue balance. Every subscription and add-on order has a due date listed on the "Packages" tab of your account. Credit card prices are listed in red.
    • Your card information is not saved directly with Fresh Fork Market, rather it is securely saved with our third-party credit card processor (
  • After adding your subscription and paying the membership fee (if applicable), the amount due in the "Make a Payment" step is the amount due if you choose to pay by credit card.
    • You have the option to skip this step by clicking "View Account".
  • You can mail us a check (3800 Woodland Ave, Cleveland, OH, 44113) or bring your cash/check payment when you pick-up your bag. We will send you a confirmation email once your payment is received via mail.
    • Please note that mail times are very unpredictable right now. To honor Early Bird pricing and subscription payment dates paid by check, we must receive your payment by the due date. We are unable to accommodate payment "post mark" dates, as the system is set up to charge a card on file once an invoice date has passed. We are unfortunately unable to change this and will not be issuing refunds for credit card fees charged if your check was received late. Thank you for your understanding.
    • You may also drop off payment during one of the scheduled winter pickup weeks at any of the locations listed HERE. It's best to stop by towards the end of the time frame. List of dates for the winter season can be found HERE.

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