Weekly Payment Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

We are now offering convenient weekly payments. This payment plan requires customers to save a credit card-on-file. You will not automatically be subscribed to future seasons. Your card will only be used to pay for past-due balances such as weekly installments or items "put on account" at the back of the truck. 


Can I still pay with check or cash? 


What credit cards do we accept?

Visa or MasterCard

Do I have to save a credit card on file? 

Yes. Think of it as a hotel - having a card on file for incidentals. You don't have to use it though. Each payment has a due date, (listed by each line item in red on the "Packages" tab of your account) and if the payment is overdue at that date your card on file will be charged. You do have the option to pay ahead of time by cash/check. Once we receive your payment (drop it off when you pick up your share or send it to 7501 Carnegie Ave.), it gets added to your account right away and the balance is cleared out.

What is the past due amount? 

If you sign up for the weekly payment plan, the past due amount will be the amount of the weekly payment.

If I pay by check or cash, will I still save 3%? 

Yes. These prices are the first price listed in your account.

Will you still send payment reminders? 

Payment reminders will be sent when we see that your account is accruing a balance. This usually means your card on file is getting declined and a new/updated card needs added to the system.

Will I automatically be signed up for future seasons or things I don't want? 

No. We are real people who have to face real customers each week. We aren't signing you up for anything you don't want. We just need an easier, less manual way to collect payments.

Am I required to do this?

We aren't requiring you to pay with credit card, we just are requiring a credit card as a backup payment option. Each month we spend countless hours trying to collect from customers. We send emails and call, often to no response. Collections is not a productive use of our time and money. We could use those funds to provide you with a better service, add back more events, etc. In summary, the "noncollectable funds" each year has become a problem we can no longer afford to deal with.

Is my credit card info safe? 

We, Fresh Fork Market, are not storing your credit card info on our site or servers. The 3rd party processor, Authorize.net, provides the plugin to the website that collects the credit card info. Your card info is securely stored with them.