Our Product Oath

The fudamentals of fresh fork market


Whether it’s providing funds to buy equipment, making investments in breeding stock, or sharing the risk when creating a new product, we’ve built powerful relationships with numerous small farmers. The items in your share are the culmination of deep-seeded collaborations.


Many of our growers practice organic production, with more gaining organic certification each year. The bulk of our produce providers follow natural soil building techniques and resort to good old hard work to root out the weeds.


The term “all natural” doesn’t count for much. With beef, for instance, that means real meat, but no promises beyond that. For us, it’s all in thinking about the animal. Cows are ruminants, born to extract nutrients from grass, which is why our beef is 100% grassfed. Call it what you like, it’s just that simple.


“Free Range” and “Cage Free” don’t guarantee your animal has been raised with the sky above it or grass underfoot. We believe in a higher standard. That’s why all our animals are pasture-raised. Our hogs root up acorns in the woods, and our chickens live in protected pastures.


Warren at Snowville Creamery says it best — “I don’t use organic grains because you can’t buy organic grains.” Instead of expensive, outsourced, nutrient-poor rations, our turkeys, chickens, and hogs have only the freshest local, certified non-GMO feed.


We mean it, and we take it seriously. It sets our hours. It plans our truck routes. We work around the clock to ensure that we can get our food to you as close to harvest as possible. This means perishable produce at the height of its flavor.


For us, being local is as much about values as it is about proximity. We work with family farms within a 75-mile radius of Cleveland that have a mission to do the highest quality, healthiest, and most sustainable production.


No further explanation needed.


Not only do we value farms that are stewards of the land — we fold environmentally-conscious practices into our own business. From compostable crates to reusable jars, we want a sustainable second life for your share’s packaging.

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