Winter Carnivore Share

Instead of getting the Omnivore or Vegetarian Meal Plan, subscribers will get a meat-only option that essentially let’s them split a hog, a steer, and a variety of other barnyard animals with their neighbors.

Each subscriber will receive:

  • 1/8 of a steer, approx. 40#
  • ¼ of a hog, approx. 40#
  • The equivalent of 7 chickens, approx. 25#
  • The equivalent of 1 turkey, approx. 8# boneless meat
  • 1 duck, approx. 6#
  • 3 dozen eggs, 3 half gallon milk, 3 pt lard, and 3 quarts animal stock.

Why is it a good value?

Anyone who has bought freezer beef or pork before knows the benefits and the challenges. The benefits are clear: everything, including ribeye steaks, is the same price. In this case, the price per lb of the steer is $4.00 per lb, including kill, cut and package. That means steaks are $4 per lb, but so are bones, ground meat, and wasted trim. The challenge usually of buying freezer beef or pork is figuring out what to do with it. Common challenges include bones and trim. That’s why we are providing chef-crafted stocks for soup, sauces, and braising. We are also preparing custom-sausages and even brining the turkey breast for you.

 What will you get week to week?

Each bag will include 5 items per week: 1 beef item, 2 pork items, 1 poultry item, and 1 bonus item, such as milk or eggs. Some weeks are more valuable than others, such as when you get 2 ribeye steaks. Because it is logistically impossible to give all customers steaks or roasts at the same time (due to the total quantity of animals needed per item), customers will be divided into groups and each group will receive a different set of bag contents each week. This means your friend who picks up at the same location as you may receive different items on a given week, but don't worry, by the end of the season, everyone will have received the same number of items in total. Keep scrolling to see the full list of items you'll get throughout the full season.

Screenshot (12)

Bag Contents Summary

When we do custom beef and custom hogs at the butcher shop, the consumer is generally confused at how to cut a whole steer or hog. We talk them through it and explain the different ways a steer or hog can be cut. For this model, we are selecting the cuts we feel to be the best value for your family, so instead of cutting flat iron steaks out of the shoulder of the steer, we are providing crosscut 7-bone chuck roasts and arm roasts. Below is a summary of the cuts.




Just like our regular Winter Shares, this share runs from November 6th through May 9th, with 15 Share Pick Ups. Basically, we run every week for the first three weeks of November, skip the week of Thanksgiving and then Winter Week 4 runs December 4th-7th. We'll proceed every other week for the remaining months of the share.

When you sign up, you'll pick your stop, pick a payment option (Upfront or Divided Payment Option), and make your first payment. You can place Special Orders and buy extras at the stop just like our regular Winter Shares.

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 11.49.37 AM


It's the same price as the other shares: Upfront: $675, which works out to $45 per share bag. Weekly Payment Plan: $47.67/ week, ($715 total.) Full Access is also available: $1050 Upfront, or $74.33 a week, ($1115 total).


  • No Substitutions. Due to the way we need to organize this bag ahead of time, we cannot offer substitutions. There will be pork in each bag.
  • Vacations work differently. You can take up to four weeks off the share just like our regular Winter Share subscriptions, however when you get back, you'll get the bag you missed rather than Vacation Credits to spend online.
  • Consistent Pick Up Location. You need to pick up your share at your Primary Pick Up Location. If you must pick up at a different location, please call or email us by Tuesday at midnight of the share week so we can re-route your share.
  • No Bag Switching. The Omnivore and Vegetarian Winter Share Members can occasionally grab the other bag if they prefer over the course of the share. However, the Carnivores can only get the Carnivore bag, and the Omnivores and Vegetarians cannot occasionally get the Carnivore bag.
  • No Refunds. By signing up for this share, you are committing to being a member for the entire length of the season. All Carnivore Share subscriptions are non-refundable. Again, think of this as a custom cut hog and beef spread out over the winter.