The Carnivore Share

2023-24 Season: Nov 1 - May 4

This is the share for Meat Lovers. The carnivore bag features grass-fed beef, pasture-raised poultry and pork, and pantry items like milk, eggs, and stock.  See below for examples of items you may find in your bags from week to week.

The inspiration behind the Carnivore Bag design was traditional farming – small family farms, selling some product to market and the rest for the subsistence of their family. For centuries, farmers have harvested their hogs and cattle in the fall, cutting the meat when the weather is cold, eating the center cuts first, canning cubed and ground meat, and curing and smoking whole muscles to provide meat for the remainder of the year.  Because they worked so hard for it, nothing was wasted.  Even the fat was turned into lamp oil, candles, soaps and lotions. The modern adaptation of this is “freezer beef” and “freezer pork,” in which a consumer contracts with a farmer to buy an entire animal or a side of an animal, pays for it all at once, and stores it in his or her freezer for the year. This takes a lot of money upfront and freezer space.


  • ~40# BEEF (approx. 1/8 steer)
  • ~40# PORK (approx. 1/2 hog)
  • ~25# CHICKEN (approx. 7 chickens)
  • Assortment of sausages, ground product and patties (1 items from this category each week)
  • Pantry staples for hearty, winter cooking -- cooking fat (lard), stock/bone broth, eggs, and more


  • Upfront: $772.50 ($51.50 per share)
  • Weekly Payment Plan: $53.56 / share ($803.40 season total)
Carnivore Bag

Example Share: 1 lb Bacon, 1 package beef short ribs, 1 package chicken breast, 1 quart chicken stock, 1 pork tenderloin.

Dates + Pick-Up Locations

Season starts November 1, runs through May 4. Full schedule can be found HERE. The first 3 weeks of the season are back-to-back, then the pick-up dates move to every-other-week.

13 pick-up points to choose from --> Click HERE for the full list of Winter locations by day + time.

**Your Carnivore share will only be delivered to the primary location selected in your account. Due to the nature of this share - varying cuts/products by week + limited inventory -- we are unable to send extra shares on the routes. Unable to make it, send a friend or family member in your place to pick-up for you.**

What's in the share?

Each bag will include 5 items per week. The items are organized by categories: Beef, Pork/Misc, Processed (typically a sausage), Poultry and Pantry. Every bag will receive pork each week. The pantry category includes items like stock, lard, eggs, or milk.  Some weeks are more valuable than others, such as when you get 2 ribeye steaks.


Because it is logistically impossible to give all customers steaks or roasts at the same time (due to the total quantity of animals needed per item), customers will be divided into groups and each group will receive a different set of bag contents each week. This means your friend who picks up at the same location as you may receive different items on a given week, but don't worry, by the end of the season, everyone will have received the same number of items in total.

examples of share contents


2 Steaks (Ribeye or Porterhouse)

Pork Tenderloin

Chicken Sausage

Chicken Thighs



Beef Braising Cut (~3#)

Pork Sirloin Roast (2.5-3#)

Ham Hock

Green Onion Bratwurst



Beef Shank + Stew Meat

Pork Spare Ribs


Whole Chicken

Beef Stock

Carnivore Products

 Below are examples of items you may find in your share.


  • No Substitutions. Due to the nature of this bag, we unfortunately cannot offer any substitutions.
  • You can only pick-up at your Primary Pick Up Location. We don't have enough extra product to pack extras on the truck (plus the back-and-forth in storage and on routes is not great for the product).
  • No Refunds. By signing up for this share, you are committing to being a member for the entire length of the season. All Carnivore Share subscriptions are non-refundable. Again, think of this as a custom cut hog and beef spread out over the winter.