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See what our customers are saying! You may find a few themes throughout reviews + pro-tips! We are so grateful for our supportive community of customers. Fresh Fork Market would not be where it is today (10+ years later) without our customers.


Nancy B.

"We've enjoyed trying new foods we were unfamiliar with, and finding new recipes to prepare them. Because of the possible food supply issues due to the pandemic, and a desire to support local growers, we joined Fresh Fork. We stay for the quality & freshness of the food. Be prepared for a food adventure"

Brian A.

"I joined Fresh Fork for all kinds of reasons. It has a lower carbon footprint. It sustains local farmers & local agriculture. It tastes fabulous. The animals are treated well. Most of all one (and my family, certainly) can taste the difference. The produce is (obviously) seasonal & terrific!"


"Try it. Prices are good, food is very high quality & people are wonderful + committed"


Shelly F.

"We first signed up for Fresh Fork to have a safe, convenient, fresh grocery shopping option during the pandemic. We've stayed happy customers because we like eating (and supporting) locally grown produce & other products, appreciate the freshness, quality, and variety of produce,  and like the adventure/challenge of cooking what we receive. And, the customer service is wonderful!"

"While we already ate a variety of veggies & fruits, Fresh Fork has helped us expand our list of favorite to include like rhubarb, swiss chard and turnips (which we pickle with beets for a bright pop of flavor + color)."

Jenne C.

"It is important to me to support local farmers while consuming products that are high quality. It is also fun to expand my knowledge of vegetables I had not been previously familiar with, like parsnips, turnips, celeriac, rutabaga & kohlrabi. I am proud to show my 6-year-old how we support local farmers and attempt to get him involved in the kitchen as much as possible.


Pro-tip: Keep an open mind with receiving unfamiliar product and you may be delighted with new recipes using those products! Process produce on the day you pick up to extend the life of certain items. I always rinse the carrots and place in a container with fresh, clean water and a sealed with a lid. For leafy greens (lettuce, swiss chard, collards, kale), I will wash & de-stem. If I don't have an immediate plan for them, I cut into piece and freeze them in a bag for future use in a soup at a later date."



"I love the idea of knowing the food comes from within a short drive of my home. The food is fresh, seasonal, and supports many who are working to make a living as a farmer, grower or producer. It has significantly challenged + improved my cooking skills.


Be open minded! Try some new recipes & get friends and family involved in the cooking & eating!"

Zoe O.

"Every Friday when we unpack is like opening a gift. Everyone loves it! Some items are new to us, so we like to explore new recipes. Husband helps with unloading and the kids love to join me and unpack. The food is fresh. Pickup is easy & close to home. Customer Service is amazing (thank you Katie for being so patient!). We also like to order extra meats, cheeses, grains and coffee."


Diann R.

"We have been part of the CSAs since they first began in northeast OH, and have tried many of them. Fresh Fork has the widest variety of products among them all, is a rarity in offering a Winter subscription, and has consistently high quality, well-priced offerings that are convenient to pick up, with so many locations. The vegetables: especially the late summer ones of this past year (S2020) were the best yet (and the largest, too! We could not believe the size of some of the cabbages, rutabagas, etc.) Great stuff! And, where else can you get locally grown and processed flour? Awesome offerings.

The best part of the experience is knowing that you are helping to build a sustainable, regional economy and creating a stable food source for all in NEO. A lot of businesses can come and go, but we all will always need to eat, and helping to build the base for the sustainable growing and distributing of fresh, local, good food is the best thing you can do to help a region. Plus, you get to eat really well, too!"

Matt & Lisa M.

"We chose Fresh Fork for the variety of locally sourced/raised, seasonal products. The variety of produce and other items in the bags, week after week, far surpass the typical CSA’s offerings. We also enjoy learning about new products being made locally and folks behind the scenes. It’s nice to close the gap where one’s food comes from.

Pro-tip: Place a special order to guarantee you'll get the extra items you want every week!"


Katelyn M.

"Now that I've used Fresh Fork for this long, I've found that previous products from grocery stores just don't cut it anymore - store milk tastes chemical-y, meat tastes blander and produce + eggs look less vibrant. Additionally, there's something to be said about the varied assortment each week - it challenges you to use ingredients you may not normally, try new recipes and avoid the dreaded "dinner rut" of making the same 4-5 dishes over & over again. The emails + website have featured some seriously good recipes, too. They've been huge in helping me understand how to use new ingredients and how to use familiar ingredients in new, different ways.

Pro-tip: Stock/bone broth is the best thing ever! I had never made it prior to Fresh Forkin'; however, that changed after getting a whole chicken + recipes/instruction on how to do so. Ever since then, I keep a collection of bones & bits of veg in my freezer for stock-making."

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