Guernsey Butter & Yogurt

We might be a little obsessed with our Guernsey Milk. But this golden-hued dairy made from an all Guernsey Herd (read here why that’s so important and interesting to us) makes some of the most delicious milk we’ve ever had. We literally can’t get enough, so we decided to move into butter and yogurt production as well.

You might have already seen our Cultured Butter from Paint Valley Creamery for sale (made by the same good folks at Wholesome Valley)– cultured butter makes excellent table butter and spreads easily when at room temperature. Basically it’s milk made into yogurt first, and then made into butter (traditional european butters are also made this way), and you can tell from the bright yellow color that these cows have been on a rich and healthy pasture-diet.


Guernsey YogurtAnd as a special treat, everyone (besides our Vegan subscribers) will be trying out our brand-spanking-new Guernsey Yogurt this week as part of your share! It’s slightly thin and pourable (thicker than Velvet View but thinner than Snowville), and made from the same Guernsey Milk we all love. Makes a great substitution for buttermilk in baking recipes, poured into your morning smoothie, or just on it’s own.