Jar Salads

Jar Salads are an excellent (and cool!) way to prepare a healthy lunch for work or school. The trick is in the layering– if you’re preparing more than a few days ahead, save the dressing to be put on in the morning before you leave the house. This recipe fills a quart sized glass, which is enough for an entrée sized salad or a light lunch for two.

In terms of stacking ingredients, follow these basic guidelines from top to bottom:





LAST: Lots of tightly packed greens (chard, spinach, kale, lettuce, etc)

THIRD: Protein/grains (beans, wheat berries, cooked meat, rice) and then your soft toppings (fruits, nuts, cheese) on top.

SECOND: Hard veggies. Put any onions right on top of dressing for a breath-saver, otherwise stack in order from heaviest on bottom to lightest on top.

FIRST: Appx 2 tbsp of dressing









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