Log Cabin Berries

At Fresh Fork, we’re all nerds at heart, and Tyler Gruskiewicz’s work at Log Cabin Berries is exactly the kind of thing we geek out for. Tyler’s efforts were born as a Future Farmers of America project in high school on two acres of family land. Studying blackberry growing systems and their potential within a diversified farm, Tyler’s research blossomed into Log Cabin Berries — an operation that yields superior fruit with a minimal environmental impact. And that’s exactly the kind of sustainable effort we’re proud to support.

Tyler uses blackberry varieties renowned for their fruit size and flavor. He plants them on raised beds covered in weed paper and trains the berry canes to grow through a rotatable cross-arm trellis system. By using this system to create smarter vine patterns, the plant can focus richer nutrition on fewer canes instead of diluting it across the many canes that would exist without pruning.

This efficient growth also eliminates the need for chemical fertilizers, weed control, fungicides and pesticides. In addition, the trellis sytem creates a more flexible, resilient plant — one that can fold horizontally to weather harsh winters under cover.

All in all, the taste does the talking, and the flavor in Log Cabin berries is beyond compare. It’s proof positive that smarter systems, attention to detail, and a little healthy nerdery can come together to create a superior product.


Learn more about Log Cabin Berries here.