Rutabagas are large root vegetables, similar to a yellowish turnip, with a purple ring close to the root top. It’s a cross between a wild cabbage and a turnip, and is often fed to pigs and other livestock. They grow best in cold climates and because of their popularity in the cold Scandinavian north of Europe, they are called “swedes.”




Scrub and wrap loosely in a plastic bag in your fridge, will keep for a few weeks.

Easy Prep

Purée or Mash.

Prep like mashed potatoes. First peel: make sure to remove a thick layer from the vegetable, or even double peel by removing the outer layer first, and then peeling again to reach the creamy yellow interior.

Roughly chop and bring to a boil in a pot of salted water. Can mix in a few peeled and cubed potatoes or other roots, too. Mash with cream, salt, pepper and a little butter.

Also can be served raw on a crudité platter: Cut raw rutabaga to create “sticks” that are about three inches long and ½ inch square. Serve with a variety of other veggies and your favorite dipping sauce.