HI, both myself (Trevor) and our photographer (Tim Harrison) have been out visiting the farms and the turkeys in the last few weeks.  Here are some photos to keep you up to date on their progress.  I'll explain what I going on in each. Photo Set 1:  Bronze Turkeys at Leroy Kuhns Farm, Fredericksburg.  early September.   In these photos you can see the young turkeys finding shade under the non-gmo corn crop that Leroy grows.  He uses the corn to feed

What about substitutions?

Just to let you know, we don't really like to do substitutions.  We only do so, when the farmers short us, the product does not live up to our standards (which we don't know until we pick up) or something similar.  We try to stick as much to the published contents as possible.  That being said, inevitably every week there is something that needs to be swapped out at the last minute.  We make those changes on the fly, and

Turkey Time!

We are counting down the weeks to Thanksgiving (yes, only 7) and doing some serious planning already. I already spent the better part of Monday working on logistics for Thanksgiving week - scheduling employees, finding additional trucks, and trying to add more hours to the day! Anyhow, our turkeys are coming along just fine and it is time to start thinking of putting a deposit on one. We only have a limited number available, Thanksgiving Turkeys and Packages We are offering pasture raised,

You don’t need a super food.

I have never bought into the hype of superfoods.  Pomegranates are hard to eat, Acai berries are expensive, wheat grass tastes terrible.  Sure they have a lot of concentrated nutrition, but if you eat foods that are locally produced and nutrient dense (like the foods from Fresh Fork Market) you are probably getting enough of most vitamins and minerals and don't really need these so called "super foods."  Truth is, most conventional produce is picked before all the nutrition has had a chance to develop.  Foods

Beth’s Picks

Beth at the Grovewood Tavern has been a longtime advocate and friend to Fresh Fork Market.  If you are looking for wines to pair with your foods, here are some of her suggestions based on this week's CSA bag.  She sells at stat minimums, so be sure to check them out for wines as well as food to go... and come buy for a great meal, the staff there rocks!   Good morning! I hope you are enjoying the magnificent weather this

New Beachwood Location

WE FOUND A NEW BEACHWOOD LOCATION Shaaray Tikvay Synagogue at 26811 Fairmount (on the east side of the overpass of 271)

Thank you so much to all the customers who immediately answered our call for help.   We had probably 30 or 40 suggestions, connections, and personal referrals to different possible pickup locations.  By 3 PM today more