Chicken Tractors

For those of you who followed our Countdown to Summer emails (and if you didn’t, find em here) you know our birds live outside all the time. I stopped down and saw the chickens on Friday that will be in this week’s bag. I was able to capture a couple cool pictures of them.


These are their “chicken tractors.” It is a mobile pen with open floor that allows the birds to eat the grass, bugs, and seeds they find on pasture, as well as deposit their manure into the soil. The “tractors” are moved once per day for 9 weeks. At the end, you can see how the birds have eaten down the grass and deposited their rich manure back onto the pasture!

Because of all the fresh air, exercise, and foraged diet, these birds are incredibly tasty. To learn more about how we raise our chickens (and what makes them so different from commercially raised poultry), click here.