Christmas Packages 2011

Christmas Packages

Below are the Fresh Fork Christmas Packages.  The feature items are pasture raised Berkshire pork hams and homemade cheesecake.  For your convenience, we are also offering cheese platters ready to serve, including cut cheeses and fresh apples.

Late addition:  We have secured a very limited supply of fresh geese!  Fresh, pasture raised and just in time for Christmas!!

All packages will be delivered to the 7 regular pickup locations on Tuesday, December 21st, Wednesday, Dec 22nd, and Thursday, Dec 23rd.  Pickup times and locations are as follows:

Wednesday, Dec 21st:  

Westlake (behind Applebees, 4:00 to 6:00 PM),

Lakewood (TBD, 6:30 to 8:00 PM),

Beachwood (BHS, 4:00 to 6:00 PM),

Cleveland Heights (Fairmount Pres, 6:30 to 8:00 PM)


Thursday, Dec 22nd:  

Middleburg Heights (St. Barts Church, 4:00 to 6:00 PM)

Hudson (St. Mary’s Church, 4:00 to 6:00 PM)


Friday, Dec 23rd:  

1:00 to 4:00 PM Tremont (behind Lilly Handmade Chocolates, 755 Starkweather Ave Cleveland)

Below are the package options.  Orders may be placed several ways:  1) online at  2) email   3) call 800-861-8582 ext 1.  Or 4) Complete and mail this form to PO Box 609612 Cleveland OH 44109.

Please include $25 as a deposit.  A confirmation email will follow to confirm the details of your order and final payment details.  All sales are final for these products are made specifically to order.  

Name ______________________________________________________   Phone _____________________

Email ______________________________________________________

Packages:  Please complete the form below and enter the quantity you want in the blanks provided.

Pasture Raised, Berkshire Pork Hams.  Hickory smoked with brown sugar glaze.  Just heat and eat!
Half Hams (approx 9-10 lbs)


Qty __________
These premium hams are from pasture raised, Berkshire pork hogs. The hogs are fed a natural diet of
the forage they find at pasture and locally milled grains, including oats, corn, and legumes.   They are raised
without antibiotics or hormones.   The ham is smoked (fully cooked) with the bone in.
Combo 1:  Ham Sandwich


Half Ham (9-10 lbs)
1/2 Pint Homemade Pepper Butter
1 lb local honey
1 dz sandwich buns/rolls
1 lb grass-grazed Havarti cheese
Combo 2:  Breakfast Ham Combo


Half Ham (9-10 lbs)
Hot Sauce (from Lucky’s Café, 10 oz)
Pastured Chicken Eggs (1 dz)
Red Norland Potatoes (5 lb)
Grass grazed Gouda cheese (8 oz)
Eggnog, from local grass grazed milk (1 qt)
Whole grain, slicing bread (20 oz loaf)
Cheese Platters Quantity
Type of Cheese Pkg 1 Pkg 2 Pkg 3
Siberian Night Beer Cheese 8 oz 1 lb 1 lb
Grass Fed Havarti 8 oz 1 lb 1 lb
Smoked Gouda 8 oz 1 lb 1 lb
Chevre (soft goat cheese) 4 oz 8 oz 8 oz
Brie 8 oz 1 lb 1 lb
Houtz (aged, hard goat cheese) 8 oz 1 lb 1 lb
Cream Cheese 8 oz
Fresh Cheese Curds 8 oz
Grassfed Swiss Cheese 12 oz
Lemon Quark (spreadable cow’s milk) 8 oz

 $    45.00   $    80.00   $  100.00 
QTY ________ ________ ________
*  All platters include cheese pre-cut into chunks on a platter.  Whole apples included.
Desserts/Sweets Combos
Cheesecake Flavors:   The cheesecakes are 1/6 size, small cheesecakes.  Each cake is approximately 4 inches
in diameter.  The three flavors are:  Bailey’s Irish Crème, Vanilla with Raspberry, and Peanut Butter Cup.
A La Carte Options Price Qty
Half Ham (8-10 lbs)


Whole Cheesecake (10″)


________ Flavor _____
Cheesecake Sampler (6 small)


Double Crust Pie, Apple, Peach, or Cherry


________ Flavor _____
Single Crust Pecan Pie (9”)


 Chrisrtmas Goose (appx 10 #)  $45 ________

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