Community Liaisons

Fresh Fork Market is more than just a service, we are a community. Our community is our customers and employees working together to bring local, fresh foods to you and your family.  But the Fresh Fork Market community is so much more.  It  is the  farms and  farmers who grow your food.  It is the collection of small processors who cut and package your meats.   It is the selection of small businesses that use our products to create delicious home style products like jams and sauces.  It is the restaurants that help us to promote local foods, the churches and businesses that host our pick ups, and the organizations that promote our service to its employees.

The Fresh Fork Market community is a vibrant and rich collection of parents, chefs, home cooks, business owners, advocates and more.  We want to reach out to the areas that we service and make them a part of our community.  The Fresh Fork Market Community Liaisons are your coworkers and residents of your neighborhood that want to work with us to help promote a more healthful lifestyle, by promoting local foods.

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