Ohio City Provisions- Summer Pick Up Location

Thursday, 2:00 - 7:00pm

3208 Lorain Ave
Cleveland, OH 44113

New for the Summer -- our small box truck, "Junior", will be parked outside of OCP. Your share + special order will be on the truck. If you need any extras, eggs, milk, meat, etc. go on in to OCP and shop while you're there!

About OCP

*This stop has some special exceptions compared to other pick-up locations. Please read carefully.**

There are no switches to-or-from this pick-up location. If this is listed as your "Primary Pick-Up Location", this is the only place you can pick-up. If this is not listed as your "Primary Pick-Up Location", you cannot pick-up here if you have a conflict with your usual stop. This stop is not the same set up as the others and is packed only for OCP without extras.

OCP subscribers can place special orders and also get 10% off on OCP purchases on Thursday only from 2-7pm.

There are no exceptions for missed bags. If you are not going to be available to pickup you must put in for a vacation the Saturday before the delivery week.

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