Fresh Fork Market’s New Season


Well, it’s getting to be about that time! It’s warming up and the sun is coming out more (except for having to get ice off of my car the past two mornings) and it’s looking more and more like spring is ready to take over from winter!

I must say that I am quite excited to get things rolling. The slow winter has made me antsy, but I’m sure I’m not the only one. Oh well…

Anyways, let’s get down to business. With the new season comes some new programs. While we will still be continuing on with the restaurant deliveries, we are also going to transition into delivering to individual consumers and corporate offices. We feel that this will really expand our supplier and purchaser list, improving our product selection for everyone.

The home consumer program, to start, is a basic “A La Carte” program. You can sign up, log in, browse the products, and order whatever you would like. Then, you can pick up your product from us on Fridays, no questions asked! For more information, check it out in our site!

Our bread-and-butter program will be our new CSA+. This will give each individual consumer the ability to be a part of a new kind of CSA – one where you get to choose what you want in your basket! Every week, you will be able to receive a basket of goodies, half of which is picked by us and features staple products like eggs, meat, milk, bread, and coffee. The other half you will be given credit to the site and be able to shop as you’d like! Buying local has never been easier or more fun!

Finally, our corporate program will allow companies to set up their own farmer’s market quickly and easily. It is very similar to the “A La Carte” program, except that we deliver the produce bags straight to your office!

We really can’t wait to get started this year, both for the consumer as well as the farmer. We really want to open up new channels for buying and selling, and hope it really shows this year!

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