Local Farm Events, June 2012

I got this information from Parker Bosley.  He thought our customers might be interested in visiting some of the area’s local farms.  You might recognize the Healthy Harvest Farm, as the the home of the blogger, the Healthy Harvester.  This is where we got so many of the winter greens and ramps this year.  Mark these days on your calendar.  Of course, we will be doing our deliveries these days, so we won’t be able to make it, but if you go be sure to report back!  


Wednesday 20 June at 6:00     

Por-Bar Farm   11136 Holshoe Rd., Homerville, Ohio, 44235                    

Kevin Leamer sells heirloom vegetables at Farmers’ Markets in Greater Cleveland.  He brings fava beans to market as early as May.  He is first with strawberries.  He is always one step ahead of the pack.  Customers wonder how he does it.  Kevin will share his secrets at this farm tour and help others learn about his early season production.

A great tour for urban farmers:  “My operation maximizes land use.  It is a model for small scale production and would be a perfect system for an urban grower.”

Join IFO at Por-Bar Farm in Homerville, Ohio, to learn about Kevin’s methods techniques.  Learn how he plants late, over-winters and begins harvesting as soon a spring arrives.

At the end of the tour Kevin will offer a bonus.  Those who leave their names and contact information will be invited by Kevin to visit Por-Bar in early winter to see exactly how his system prepares for the early harvest.  Don’t miss this double treat.

 Thursday 28 June 6:00   Kemp Brothers’ Healthy Harvest Farm

15266 South Hayes Road, Middlefield OH 44062


Regardless of talent, technique and knowledge in producing products, it’s how you operate your business that will make your farm financially successful.  How do you grow a business?  Harvey and Emmanuel Kempf, of Geauga County, have done this very successfully.  They’ve increased sales through well focused marketing.

This farm tour is your opportunity to learn about the real source of nutrition—the soil.  The Kempf Brothers are soil experts.  They refer to their model as being beyond organic.

The producers must know where his kind of product and his growing system will be well received by the consumer.  What market is the best for your kind of business: a CSA program, a farmers’ market, sales to institutions or sales to distributer?  Do you need multiple type of market?  How should you decide what crops to grow?

Bring your questions and be ready to learn from this thriving enterprise.  Start with healthy soil, create nutrient dense products and plan a marketing strategy.

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