New Home for Fresh Fork

At the end of November, Fresh Fork Market moved its operations to the Food Terminal District.  While we loved being in Ohio City, we simply outgrew our location.  We can now be found at 38th and Woodland in the ISP building.  The Food Terminal District has a long history of food distribution for Cleveland and the rest of the Midwest.  Our new home offers us more operations space, nicer offices, and easy access to freeways.

What does this move mean for our customers?

The short answer is everything and nothing.  Our pick up locations and times will not change.  We are keeping our PO Box and phone numbers,  You will see the same folks, the same great products, and the same trucks.  Over the next few weeks, we will be taking advantage of the bigger space to make loading trucks more efficient.  Our goal is to provide better customer service at the pick up stops, and we think that this location will offer us some significant advantages to make that happen.

We have other big plans for the future and wit out new offices, we have more room to meet with producers, work on product development and develop our private label products.  Big changes are coming for Fresh Fork Markets and we are glad to have you aboard.

Thanks to our current customers for all their support and we look forward to continuing to serve you!

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