OK, so I’m behind the times…

Yes, truthfully this is my first blog entry ever. Oh, and I’m not using spell check…watch out.

So things are getting pretty exciting around Fresh Fork lately. If I may be so corny to use food analogies, we’ve moved beyond the sprouting stage to the actual growing stage. I’m continually shocked at how many folks have heard about what we are doing. I have a small speech at the Cuyahoga County Commissioner’s office today and it was uplifting hear a stranger plug Fresh Fork. Very cool.

And of course, I took the opportunity to do my own plug. Passed out some fliers about our CSA, which is really starting to materialize. The customer base is growing and it’s amazing that the May 20th deadline to sign-up is approaching fast. It’s time for that final push to get customers onboard!

Until next time…


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