There are a few different types of cucumbers available to us throughout the Summer season- small, curved pickling cucumbers (called kirbys), or cucumbers which are smoothed skinned, plump and not very long; and finally some rough-skinned cumbers that are long and narrow.

Cucumbers partner well with chicken, minced flat leaf parsley or cilantro, or fresh sage and garlic minced together.




Wash and wrap in paper towel. Store in crisper drawer in fridge

Easy Prep

Raw– the seeds and skins can sometimes cause indigestion, if so de-seed and/or skin first.  After peeling the entire cucumber (or just in long strips for a decorative finish), slice it in half from end to end. Use a small spoon to scrape out the seeds. Slice across the two halves to make half circles one half inch thick.

Peeled and seeded cucumbers can be warmed in butter, seasoned with dill, salt and pepper and served as a vegetable side as well.

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