Heirloom Tomatoes

These beautiful tomatoes– all different shapes, colors and sizes– are called “heirlooms” because the seeds are generally those of tomatoes grown before industrial agriculture became prevalent.  These are often seeds from plants dating back hundreds of years and often back to Europe.

The reason most of these varieties of tomatoes are not grown anymore is that they are extremely difficult to pack and transport.  They are not uniform in shape and are very tender.

Furthermore, they have not been bred to withstand common tomato diseases and pests.  This makes crop failure very possible and therefore a financial risk to the commercial farmer.  It takes some arm twisting for me to even get guys to grow a large volume of these tomatoes for me.

We are delivering your tomatoes with the best care we can.  We recommend that you do not refrigerate the tomatoes.  Keep them in a cool, dry location until you are ready to eat them.

They will continue to ripen at room temperature.  You will want to enjoy them soon– keep them in a cool, dry location until you are ready to eat them.  The best way is simply to cut the tomatoes, drizzle with a little olive oil, throw on a dash of salt and pepper, and serve with some fresh feta or mozzarella cheese.

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