Sauerkraut from Wholesome Valley Farm

We now have quart-sized jars of a new, raw Sauerkraut, produced by Wholesome Valley Farm’s new “Fermenting Guy”– Fermento Mike. He and his family live off the grid and on the land down in Killbuck, Ohio.

He uses organic cabbage and pink himalayan sea salt to make a delicious and tangy sauerkraut– it’s a living food, filled with probiotics for healthy guts. Sauerkraut is made by a process called lacto-fermentation, which uses salt to protect against the formation of unhealthy bacteria, while the healthy bacteria (salt-resistant Lactobacillus) is allowed to grow. Keep your ‘kraut in the fridge, and as long as it’s covered by brine it’ll last for a few months. Pressure can develop in the jar from gas, so occasionally, open the jar a crack to release some pressure and seal it tightly again.

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