Classic tomato sauce and pasta from our 2017 Italian Home Cooking Class. Parker promises that "after a couple of times and a little organization, you will be able to produce this dish start to finish in 20 minutes to one half hour." A helpful tool-- a food mill for turning your tomatoes and garlic into a finished sauce with a little personality.
At last we learn what to do with the carrot tops. Here is a recipe in which you can use these tops. This is a delightful coincidence. My friend, Mary Holmes, board president of Innovative Farmers of Ohio, told me and some friends about the wonderful soup she had made and then surprised us all by telling us that she used carrot top. We were puzzled until she told us to check Deborah Madison’s book, Local Flavors. Deborah who is a friend of mine is a great advocate of local foods-- here is her recipe with some modifications.
Saltibarsciai, or Lithuanian chilled beet soup, is a perfect summer day soup with a gorgeous shade of pink. Try serving this dish cold with some fresh boiled potatoes sprinkled with dill.
Chef Parker's recipe for a traditional "Sauce Mayonnaise." Keeps in fridge for a few days, and is the perfect topping to a crispy turkey club sandwich made with our smoked turkey lunchmeat, bacon and lettuce.

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