An extremely simple and quick Fall soup. The taste depends on the stock, however, so make sure you're using the best homemade or store-bought stock you can get.
Spiced and roasted acorn squash whipped with white beans or chickpeas makes the perfect healthy dip. A great game-day snack with zucchini, carrot or sweet pepper spears.
These Tex-Mex inspired stuffed Squash can be filled with whatever you have on hand: beans, corn, tomatoes, cheese, etc. Use meat in the first step, or skip entirely for a vegetarian version. For a garnish, add sour cream, minced candied jalapeños or chopped cilantro.
Cauliflower Pizza Crust is a delicious and sneaky way to sneak in more vegetables to even the pickiest eaters. Follow the directions to make sure you get a crust that sticks together when topped, and then put on whatever you like! A Fall Pizza might have some roasted butternut squash, bacon and red onion rings, a Green pizza might have some halved Brussels Sprouts, a pesto base and zucchini rounds on top, and a triple cheese pizza,... well you get the picture. Have fun! Crust recipe inspired by iFoodReal's Cauliflower Pizza Crust.
This is a wonderfully easy soup with a complicated flavor, and the whole dish is ready in less than an hour. Use any squash or potato you have on hand.

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