Saltibarsciai, or Lithuanian chilled beet soup, is a perfect summer day soup with a gorgeous shade of pink. Try serving this dish cold with some fresh boiled potatoes sprinkled with dill.
Winter time in Cleveland-- during these long months we are surrounded by white and grey, and sometimes our plates turn into similarly monochrome feasts. But there are plenty of beautiful and bright vegetables to be had this time of year, too: all colors of beets, carrots, turnips, squashes and more. Add in a little pop of green from some hydroponically grown baby lettuces (or grow them yourself indoors), a helpful hit of citrus and you're eating a fresh, vegan salad in no time.
This delicious, sweet stew is brimming with flavor and texture, and the addition of slowly braised beef makes it a complete meal. The recipe is time but not labor intensive, so make sure to read all the way through before you get to cooking.
We made an early Summer veggie bowl a few months ago, and it was such a huge hit around here that we decided to make that a seasonal thing. Like it's predecessor, add whatever you have on hand, but for this version we used roasted beets, eggplant and cherry tomatoes with steamed kale as the base, and made a peach vinaigrette to top it all. Add cooked black beans or steamed brown/wild rice to make it a complete meal.
This is a quick and very sweet Summer soup-- the cream can be omitted for a vegan prep, and it serves really nicely as a first course.

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