The bright yellow color, complex flavor and smooth texture will have your diners guessing "what's in this soup!?" It's entirely vegetarian--roasted veggies, soaked sunflower seeds and spices--and can be made vegan with a sub for the garnish of cream at the end. Serve with some sliced cherry tomatoes and extra sunflower seeds on top.
We made an early Summer veggie bowl a few months ago, and it was such a huge hit around here that we decided to make that a seasonal thing. Like it's predecessor, add whatever you have on hand, but for this version we used roasted beets, eggplant and cherry tomatoes with steamed kale as the base, and made a peach vinaigrette to top it all. Add cooked black beans or steamed brown/wild rice to make it a complete meal.
This is an Italian dish that was made up to use what's leftover-- yesterday's bread, and all those tomatoes and eggplants from a Summer garden. Add cubed mozzarella cheese or cooked white beans at the end to make it a complete meal. It could also be mixed with some kale (cut in a chiffonade, or ribbons) to make it more of a salad.

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