The original inspiration for this recipe came from Beth D., who praised the easy prep and pizza flavor, as well as that it freezes really well. Up the savory flavor with some chopped olives, fresh basil, or even some cured meat for a delicious starter.
This is a perfect side dish or starter and uses two of the frozen veggies you'll often see in your Winter Shares-- green beans and tomatoes. It also easily doubles for a larger portion-- use a full quart of green beans and a full pint of frozen tomatoes, doubling the rest of the ingredients too.
These Tex-Mex inspired stuffed Squash can be filled with whatever you have on hand: beans, corn, tomatoes, cheese, etc. Use meat in the first step, or skip entirely for a vegetarian version. For a garnish, add sour cream, minced candied jalapeños or chopped cilantro.
Make your own savory ragù or bolognese sauce at home-- this recipe happens in a few steps over a few hours, and is actually better reheated the next day. We used a food mill when making the tomato sauce-- a really useful and not too expensive kitchen toy that we highly recommend having around for sauces and soups.

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