This is a very traditional french cream/white sauce, which can be served with many different types of vegetables. It also is the sauce served in Croquettes and goes very well with Ham or Salmon.
When peaches hit their moment in the spotlight-- end of July, early August-- jump and eat them with everything. In case you have a few in your fridge that have too many soft spots, the perfect solution is to make some rich and creamy peach ice cream. Ice cream base inspired by Jeni's.
Rhubarb can be a little sour on its own, but with the addition of some strawberries, these spring sweets begin to sing. Balance all that sweet and tart flavor with the creamy dairy, and you've got one fine dessert. This recipe is inspired by Jeni's Baked Rhubarb Frozen Yogurt and has been modified to include mostly our ingredients.
This is an extremely decadent mid-afternoon meal, and the simplicity of the ingredients highlights the fresh, fresh eggs. A gratin dish is called for to bake this, which is an oval-shaped, shallow dish. If you don't have one, just use any small, shallow baking dish (or even an oven-safe bowl or mug.)

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