Reviving Greens with an Ice Bath

Greens require a tons of humidity and moisture to stay fresh, and unfortunately your refrigerator sucks the moisture out of them. In the grocery store and distribution warehouses, these items are often packed with shaved ice or continually misted with cold water to look hydrated.

Try this technique to best preserve lettuces, spinach, and all leafy greens. Or, if the summer heat has already wilted your greens when you pick them up, try this revival method using an ice bath to crisp them back up.

  1. Wash greens in COLD (even ice cold) water.
  2. Spin dry in salad spinner or pat dry with paper towels
  3. Place cleaned and dried greens in a plastic bag or air‐tight container.
  4. Add a paper towel to keep the leaves away from the plastic.


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