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Fresh Fork Market connects Cleveland area customers with local, artisanal producers. We service home consumers as well as restaurants.

A Weekly, Local Gocery Subscription…Delivered Near You! 2011 Season Signup NOW!

Our home consumers participate by joining our “CSA+.” This is a weekly grocery subscription at either $25, $40, or $50 per week. All of the products are local, artisanal products, including vegetables, fruits, meats, cheeses, milk, pasta and grains, and many value-added items. Packages are picked up at any of 10 different pickup locations.  The 2011 CSA season starts Thursday, May 26th and ends Saturday, Oct 23rd…22 weeks later.

Check out the weekly packages for 2010 summer season and 2010/2011 winter season.

IN 2010, Fresh Fork customers….

– sampled over 350 unique products from 70 different prodcuers

– spent over $300k with local producers

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN for the 2011 Summer Season. Click here to get started: CSA Signup.

A little more information for those new to a CSA: CSA, What is it? Want to learn more? More details at this link: Fresh Fork CSA.

A brief overview follows:

CSA stands for community supported agriculture. Traditionally, a CSA is a farmer-only program where consumers contract with one farmer to receive a random selection of the freshest produce throughout the summer.

OUR CSA IS DIFFERENT.  Why? We aren’t farmers. Instead, we host a “virtual farmers market” where over 70 local producers list their products. The selection includes meats, cheeses, dairy, eggs, breads, and, of coures, the freshest fruits and vegetables. ALL FROM WITHIN 75 MILES OF CLEVELAND.


  • 10 CONVENIENT PICK-UP LOCATIONS around Cleveland. Why go to the farm when you can get it delivered practically to your door.
  • MORE SELECTION. We have over 70 farmers harvesting more than just produce…that means everything you need, including meats, cheeses, milk and eggs.
  • SAVINGS. The idea behind a CSA is that you get the freshest, healthiest products at an outstanding price in exchange for offering a committment. Our committment is a 22 week program, and you receive significant savings over farmers market and often grocery stores (see more details on our pricing page).
  • 3 PRICING OPTIONS. Order them today online at Simply create an account, wait for your password (under 12 hours), select and pay.

Want to read more? Check out the Fresh Fork CSA page.

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