Summer Share 2011- Week 2

Chorizo, Eggs, Spelt Berries, and Whole Wheat Pasta

We had a very successful first week last week.  Thank you again for subscribing to the CSA.  This week, I think I have another good bag for you.

I know last week there was a little bit of panic from folks who forgot about pickup, etc.  In that scenario, you don’t need to ask permission or notify me if you are going to a different pickup location.  You can just show up without telling us.

Week 2 CSA

This week’s feature product is Chorizo sausage from pasture raised, Berkshire hogs. Berkshire hogs are prized for their intra-muscular marbling.  They are fattier hogs…which means tastier!  These hogs are raised outside in the woods of Scott Boehmline’s farm in Chardon, OH.  They live off of a diet of garden scraps, forage they find in the woods (roots, nuts, bugs, etc), and non-gmo grain mix.  Sometimes they get real lucky.  The hogs we are fattening out for July are getting cheese from Mayfield Road Creamery this week.  Actually, a lot of cheese.  About 500 lbs of it.

Susan at Mayfield Road had a batch of cheese go bad on her.  The excess rain had contaminated her well water and hence contaminated the cheese.  The bacteria from the well is harmless; however, it smells aweful and makes the cheese taste terrible.  It isn’t fit for human consumption but is perfect for hogs!

This week we will also have whole wheat pasta from Ohio City Pasta.  On the grains side, we also have spelt berries. Spelt is an ancient grain that is extremely nutrient dense and gluten free. I’ll include some instructions in the newsletter on what to do with spelt berries.

Oh…and strawberries are here.

This week’s contents are:

Small CSA:

1 lb Berkshire chorizo sausage

2 lbs spelt berries

1 lb whole wheat linguini

1 bunch garlic scapes

1 head assorted leaf lettuce

1 quart strawberries

2 lbs hoop house tomatoes

1 dz brown eggs or 1 half gallon milk (depending on which stop you are at, then we will rotate next week)


Large CSA: the small package plus the items below

2 bunches of field grown spinach

1 bunch green onions

1 lb chicken bratwursts

2-3 zucchini, depending on size

1 sleeve bok choi (2-3 heads depending on size)


Vegetarian Substitutes: in place of sausage

2 bunches field grown spinach

1 bunch green onions

2-3 ct zucchini


Vegan Substitutes: in place of the sausage and eggs/milk

vegetarian substitutes above

1 extra quart strawberries

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