Summer Share 2011- Week 21

This week’s feature is a new product we developed that is part sausage, part bacon. Sounds pretty perfect huh? This breakfast patty product helps us solve a big problem I have when the butcher cuts up my hogs – what to do with the bacon “ends” that don’t make nice, long, straight pieces of bacon. What we did here was grind the bacon ends – smoked, cured bacon – in with ground pork to make a very tasty breakfast patty.

To go with your breakfast patties, we have pasture raised chicken eggs, untoasted organic oats, and three lbs of roasting potatoes, either yukon gold or red norland. We also have a small sampling of fingerling potatoes this week. Fingerlings are small, very flavorful potatoes. They are prized for their buttery flavor. These potatoes are best roasted and enjoyed as they are. This year’s harvest didn’t yield many nice size Fingerlings so this week’s bag will only include a sampling, 1 # per person.

This week we also have the Ohio apple – Melrose apples. Melrose apples were developed at Melrose Orchards just south of Wooster, which was an experimental orchard ran by the Ohio State University Agricultural Research and Development Center.

For our large members, we have a couple special treats. In fact, a few items came available this week and I splurged a little on the larges so next week won’t be quite as exciting. This week we have a tasty pumpkin quark from Blue Jacket Dairy. The Quark is a spreadable, German style cream cheese. In addition to cheeses, the larges will also get a whole roasting chicken, 4.5 to 5 lbs.

Here’s this week’s bag contents:

Small CSA:
1 dz pasture raised chicken eggs
1 lb breakfast patties
3 lbs yukon gold potatoes
1.5 lb bag untoasted organic oats
1 bunch beets with tops
1 lb fingerling potatoes
3 lbs turnips
Quarter peck Melrose Apples

Large CSA:
the small package plus the items below
2 lbs slicing tomatoes
Quarter peck Bosc pears
8 oz pumpkin quark cheese
1 whole pasture raised roasting chicken

– in place of breakfast patties
1 half gallon apple cider
1 head bok choy
Additional lb of fingerling potatoes

in place of Eggs
Mixed braising/salad greens (I’ve enjoyed them both ways because they are still quite young and tender)

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