Summer Share 2011- Week 4

Chicken Sausage, Spinach, Goat Cheese, and the last round for Strawberries

Ok, so I was wrong.  We thought berries were going to taper off quickly last week, but the cool weather has helped them hold on.  So strawberries this week will take us right into cherries next week!

This week’s signature product is our new chicken bratwurst.  This sausage is in large, links.  The four links per package weigh approximately 1.25 lbs.  The chicken is a blend of white and dark meat from pasture raised chickens raised by Eden and Marion Troyer in Baltic.  These sausages are great grilled or roasted for sandwiches, sliced and tossed with pasta, as well as a substitute for pork sausage in most dishes.  I personally am going to make ratatouille and serve my chicken brats with a healthy portion of that and a fried egg.  But that’s just me.

Also of note this week is our cheese selection.  For the next two weeks, we’ll rotate cheese selections.  One group will receive Chevre from Lucky Penny Creamery.  This soft goat cheese will be made fresh on Wednesday each week.  It is made from the milk of pasture raised goats.  The other cheese will be the Brie from Mayfield Road Creamery.  This soft, salty, and creamy cheese is a customer favorite.

Rounding out this week’s package is tomatoes, zucchini, green onions, garlic scapes, spinach, and lettuce.

This week’s contents are:

Small CSA:

1 package chicken bratwursts (1.25 lb)

1 bunch garlic scapes

Approx 1.5 lb tomatoes

1 quart strawberries

1 bunch green onions

1 bunch spinach

1 head leaf lettuce

2 ct zucchini or yellow squash

4 oz tub fresh chevre goat cheese


Large CSA: the small package plus the items below

1 bunch red beets with tops

1 additional bunch spinach

1 hd red leaf lettuce

1 package Luna Burgers (all ohio ingredient veggie burgers)

1 lb spinach linguini from Ohio City Pasta


Vegetarian Substitutes: in place of chicken sausage

1 bunch beets

1 extra bunch spinach

Extra tomatoes (approx 3 lbs total)


Vegan Substitutes: in place of the chicken and cheese

vegetarian substitutes above

1 lb spinach linguini (this is an egg pasta, but last time I asked the vegans everyone wanted the pasta.  If you are a strict vegan please remind us at the back of the truck and we will make the appropriate substitutions)


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